There are many ways to approach family building when faced with infertility. Individuals and couples may choose to pursue assisted or third-party reproduction, they may wish to adopt, or they may alternatively decide to remain child-free.
         With every option, there can be an overwhelming amount of information to understand, from different fertility treatments and programs with their varying success rates, to the emotionally complex issues of gamete donation and gestational surrogacy, to the multitude of adoption choices. This is where Judith Kottick and Fertility Counseling and Consulting Services can help: by providing an advisor, someone with a neutral opinion with no agenda except for what is right for you.
         It is not uncommon to experience symptoms of acute distress while working through fertility issues. To combat feelings of anxiety, depression, loss, relationship stress, or emotional conflict, counseling can provide a safe and productive haven.
         With information, insight, resources, and support, it is possible to go through the fertility process feeling empowered and balanced.