JUDITH KOTTICK, LCSW, is a recognized expert
in the field of reproductive counseling. She developed the psychological services components at the Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Sciences at St. Barnabas Medical Center and at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey. Gestational carrier and egg donor arrangements are particular areas of interest and are frequently the topics of symposiums and workshops she is invited to give in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Serving as a consultant to numerous infertility programs throughout the tri-state area, Judith currently maintains a private practice in Jersey City, New Jersey. She draws upon her postgraduate training as a psychotherapist and in behavioral medicine from the Mind/Body Institute at Harvard Medical School to provide a personalized approach to helping people cope with the challenges of fertility treatment, pregnancy loss, adoption, and parenting. Involved as a mentor for Resolve Northeast region and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Judith has written numerous articles for professional organizations, and has also contributed a chapter to the book “Frozen Dreams.”